Wood Finish Garage Doors

Wood Finish Garage Doors

The way your garage door looks can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Imagine for a moment a beautiful home with a run-of-the-mill garage door that was chosen on price rather than appearance. Now, imagine that same beautiful home with a quality garage door to match — a gorgeous model that fits the architecture and complements the home’s color scheme.

That’s the power of a well-chosen garage door. Garage doors with wood finishes are among most attractive you can choose for many homes.

Discover the Beauty of Natural Wood

There’s an unmistakable quality to natural wood no matter where you find it. When your home features a natural wood garage door, it stands out on the block and captures the attention of whoever passes by.

Wood garage doors are often made of hardwoods like cedar and redwood. Cedar offers a naturally reddish color, though it can be stained any way you like. It’s often used in garage door construction due to its natural resistance to moisture and insects. Redwood can also be stained and is often built in layers to prevent warping.

No matter what type of wood your home’s garage door is made of, make sure to choose a stain that complements the rest of the home. Garage doors should work in concert with entry doors, siding and the many other exterior features of your home.

Consider a Low-Maintenance, Faux Wood Look

The one challenge with wood finish garage doors is that they may require more maintenance than other materials. But you can find steel garage doors and options made from other materials that offer a faux wood finish. These are garage doors that look like they’re made from wood, and no one could tell the difference without close inspection. These wood-looking garage doors offer the attractiveness you want with added durability.

Are Wood Finish Garage Doors Right for Your Home?

Of course, wood finish garage doors aren’t a perfect fit for all homes. For example, modern homes that heavily feature glass, aluminum and steel may demand a more modern choice of garage door material.

However, Craftsman-style homes are ideal for wood finish garage doors or doors that look like wood. Similarly, colonial-style homes and anything that offers a lodge-like appearance would look great with wood finish garage doors.

Find Your Wood Finish Garage Door

Wondering where to buy wood finish garage doors or garage doors that look like wood? At Continental Door Company, we serve the Spokane Valley and northern Idaho with a huge selection of wood finish garage doors and models made of other materials. Our residential garage doors are made available through Clopay®, the leading manufacturer in the industry. To find a wood finish or natural wood garage door, contact Continental Door Company today for a free estimate or stop by our showroom to take a look at our collections.

Wood Finish & Natural Wood Garage Door Collections by Clopay®:

CLASSIC WOOD® collection

CANYON RIDGE® collection ULTRA GRAIN® series

CANYON RIDGE® collection MODERN series

GALLERY® collection

RESERVE WOOD® collection SEMI-CUSTOM series

RESERVE WOOD® collection CUSTOM series


RESERVE WOOD® collection MODERN series

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