Meet the Service Team


Jereme Spilker

Service Manager


Jereme, the Head Honcho, Spilker is Continental’s leader of the pack. If Jereme and his boys can’t fix it, no one can, but we can still replace it!


Keshia Arland

Service Coordinator


Keshia, The Whip, Arland is the gal with the big stick who keeps this pack coordinated, moving fast and can always tell you exactly where each one of her team members are at.


John Capaul

Service Foreman


John, The Torch Man, Capaul is lead man extraordinaire and also plays semi-pro football on most weekends. With his torch in hand, Big John can bend anything back into place.


Justin Hutyler

Service Technician


Justin, Big Red, Hutyler is our star utility player. Justin is equally versed in both mechanical and electrical issues.


Matt Sliger

Service Technician


Matt, Mr. Speed Wrench, Sliger has the fastest set of tools you will ever see. Most customers watch him work in amazement just to see how fast a wrench can really move.


Norm Morse



Norm, The Big Dog, Morse is too old and slow to get out and work on the jobsites, but he still has the sharpest pencil in town for all service, repair or replacement estimates. Just call Norm and tell him you want a Deal!


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