Shop and Pole Building Doors

Custom Shop and Pole Building Doors for Your Home

Standard-sized garage doors are perfect for most homes to store and shelter most vehicles and the other items, but what do you do when you have a shop or pole building to store your boat, camper, RV or other oversized equipment? The answer is easy. You need an overhead door to provide the security, ease of access and style to work with your outbuilding. These doors are larger than the standard panel garage door, and they make it easy to stash the large equipment and vehicles you use for work, recreation or property maintenance. We can even find a style to match or complement your home garage doors!

At Continental Door, Co., we offer a full selection of shop and pole building doors to help you create the functionality you need. We can custom build pole building doors to match your home’s existing look and feel. The result is a seamless addition that looks great and delivers the function you need without overwhelming the appearance of your home.

How Big Should My Pole Building Door Be?

Standard garage doors provide a clearance of about 7 feet. As mentioned above, this is perfect for a sedan or even an SUV, but 7 feet doesn’t cut it for lifted trucks, campers, large machinery and other equipment and vehicles you need to protect from the elements. You’ll need 8 feet of clearance for large trucks, more than 12 feet for boats and campers, and a semi truck will need at least 14 feet for full clearance.

When you contact us at Continental Door, we’ll first want to understand your storage door goals. We’ll create a series of options that deliver the functionality you need and the look you’ll want. Once you make a final decision on what will work best with your home, we start the process of custom door construction and installation. The result of this process is a beautiful set of new pole barn doors that meets your needs and matches your home’s existing architecture.

Continental Door: Outstanding Products, Dependable Service

At Continental Door, we place our focus on you, the customer. We work quickly to answer your calls and meet your overhead door needs — pole barn doors and much more. Our team of experienced technicians can provide expert guidance as you consider your options. And you always get a free estimate before work begins, which ensures you have all the information needed to make the best decision for you and your home.

For overhead doors at your home or your business, Continental Door is your source for products, installation, repairs, maintenance and other services. We’re always on call to serve your needs in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, the Northwest Inland Empire and the Northern Idaho Panhandle.

Contact us today about pole building doors at your home.