Modern & Contemporary Garage Doors

Modern & Contemporary Garage Doors

Find the perfect garage door to complement your home’s existing architecture and design, and you’ll see your home’s curb appeal skyrocket. For contemporary and modern homes, modern-looking garage door options can provide the ideal solution.

At Continental Door Company, we offer a wide range of modern-looking garage door options from Clopay®, a leading industry manufacturer. When you want a garage door that has a modern look, make sure you find one that offers the quality, durability and attractiveness your home deserves by shopping with Continental Door Company.

Increasing in Popularity

In the Spokane Valley and northern Idaho, many more established homes reaching the age at which it’s time for upgrades throughout the property. Perhaps you’ve addressed the flooring inside, and maybe you’ve repainted and updated ceiling fans and other fixtures. But the real asset that’s going to pull your home into the 21st century is a new garage door.

Many homeowners are seeking contemporary garage doors because of their unique beauty. Few homes have traditionally included garage doors with large class portions and prominent aluminum. A modern garage door is a way for you to stand out from your neighbors while also enhancing your home’s exterior. When you install the right modern garage door, your visitors will compliment it immediately upon arrival. Passersby won’t be able to help but turn their heads and look.

If you own a contemporary or modern home, don’t pass up the opportunity to enhance its look and feel with a modern looking garage door.

Materials Used in Modern and Contemporary Garage doors

Contemporary garage doors typically use a blend of materials that includes steel, aluminum and glass. The metal components in contemporary garage doors tend to need little maintenance and deliver a long usable life. You can also count on durability from the glass included in many modern garage door designs, though the glass does require regular cleaning for maximum attractiveness.

Why Do People Love Contemporary Garage Doors?

When you see a contemporary garage door, you appreciate the quality of design and its overall aesthetics. Perhaps you appreciate these characteristics without knowing why. Contemporary garage doors often provide clean lines and grids that evoke the iconic Swiss approach to design. These qualities allow for beauty in simplicity, which is one of the many reasons owners of contemporary homes choose these ideal garage doors to match them.

Where Can You Find Contemporary Garage Doors?

At Continental Door Company, we offer a huge selection of residential garage doors to homeowners in the Spokane Valley area and into northern Idaho. Our selection includes several different contemporary garage doors and modern garage door options. When you want a garage door that has a contemporary look, you can find it in our showroom. You can also customize your selection to include glass that offers the perfect blend of natural light and privacy — along with the frame’s finish color of your contemporary-looking garage door.

Contact Continental Door Company for a free estimate on your modern garage door of choice.

Modern & Contemporary Garage Door Collections by Clopay®:

AVANTE® collection

CANYON RIDGE® collection MODERN series

MODERN STEEL® collection

RESERVE WOOD® collection MODERN series


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