My garage door comes down a few inches, then immediately goes back up. What’s wrong?

Photo Eyes: What the issue likely is would be a photo eyes issue; the safety devices at the bottom of your door opening that stop the door from coming down if there is something in the way. If you can press and hold the wall station button and the door closes all the way, the photo eyes need to be adjusted or fixed. If this does not solve the issue, please contact us for a free service estimate.

Springs: When the springs on a door break, it can cause the door to not function properly. On Continental Door installations, these are torsion springs at the top of your door when it is in the down position. A break will be readily visible and we can get our Service Team to you as soon as possible to replace them. If it was installed by another company then there may be other springs at work, including extension springs that will be along the horizontal track, and springs that are encased and not visible (usually a TorqueMaster). These may require a free service estimate by one of our service technicians to accurately assess and quote a cost for repair or replacement.

How do I program my keypad / remote?

The answer to this question depends on the brand of motor. Contact us and we’ll help you out!

Do I need to have anything set up or ready on the day of my repair, replacement or new installation?

With new Garage Door Installation, the area should already be quite clear and ready for door installation. It will help our team greatly if we are able to see the space before drywall goes up to assess appropriate backing and blocking – ask us for a quick diagram to clearly lay out how best to frame your new construction for door installation! If Continental Door is replacing an existing door (or two!), it would be essential for the space behind and beside the opening to be cleared for our team. They will need to be working around the opening, as well as back from the opening on the ceiling/trusses to install the track, sections, springs and hardware. Having the entire space cleared will help our teams be safe and accurate with your installation! For repair, please ensure that the area below or around the item to be repaired or replaced is cleared. It’s important for the technicians to have easy access in order to provide you with their best assessment!

There is weather infiltration under / around my door! What can I do?

This could be as easy as having Continental Door replace your bottom astragal (the strip of rubber at the bottom of your door), or you may have some more complicated door problems. This situation is best assessed by one of our technicians on our Service Team, but the good news is we do estimates at no charge!

Where are you located?

Unexpectedly enough, we get this question a lot and the answer is incredibly simple! We are about 0.3 miles East of the Pines and Indiana intersection, on Indiana Ave. See the directions and map below! Also see our service areas page for more information on the areas that we serve.

  • Get onto North Pines Road and turn East (towards Spokane Valley Mall) onto Indiana Avenue.
  • Pass a handful of businesses on East Indiana Avenue before arriving at Continental Door Co – we’re after Alpine Haus Marina/Dock Dudes, but before NW Recreational Liquidators. You’ll find us on the South side of the road, as the North side is a railway.


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