Commercial Garage Door Styles

Commercial Garage Door Styles

Commercial garage doors play a critical role in a wide range of different businesses. The right commercial garage door or similar product can enhance efficiency, improve safety, streamline operations and more. But what types of commercial garage doors are available? And what commercial garage door styles would make a good fit for your business?

At Continental Door Company, we serve businesses in the Spokane Valley and throughout northern Idaho with a wide range of garage doors for businesses — products that can help lower expenses and increase revenue. These are the types of products that demand an investment, and you can find them here in our showroom at Continental Door Company.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are perhaps the most popular, commonly used doors for businesses across the country. The Clopay® commercial garage doors collection includes several sectional doors that offer ideal solutions for different needs. Consider the Clopay Architectural Series for sectional doors that blend glass and metal for industrial-style attractiveness and a mix of protection and natural light.

Many different types of operations would benefit from this type of door, including restaurants that want the option to turn interior spaces into exterior spaces on pleasant days, as well as fire stations and other facilities with commercial vehicles.

Clopay also offers an industrial series and industry series, which include similar sectional doors with less glass and more durable metal. Choose to add Intellicore®, the proprietary insulation from Clopay, to improve efficiency at your business.

Specialty Doors

We also offer many specialty doors, including air-lift doors for car washes, dynamic gates for stores, wood coiling doors for food counters, customer service stations and ticket vendors, as well as high-speed doors for businesses that must have them.

Dock Equipment

You’ll find no shortage of dock equipment at Continental Door Company, too. While dock equipment doesn’t necessarily fall into the “door” category, it’s often used in tandem with commercial garage doors — which gives us unique insight and the ability to make authoritative recommendations as you consider your options.

Other Commercial Products

You’ll find it all at Continental Door Company, including sectional doors, coiling doors, high-speed doors, side folding doors and much more. There’s so much that the right commercial garage door can do for your business. Find out by contacting or visiting us at Continental Door Company.

Where Can You Find Commercial Garage Doors and Products?

At Continental Door Company, we’re proud to serve home and business owners throughout the Spokane Valley and northern Idaho. When you want Clopay commercial garage doors or similar products, we respond with a huge selection and options that can help you improve your business. If you have questions as you begin your search for a commercial garage door, we’re always here to help. Just get in touch, and we’d be happy to provide answers and expert guidance as you weigh your many options.

Contact us today for a free estimate for commercial garage doors at your facility.