Commercial Liftmaster Automated Security Gates

If you are concerned about security for your business, commercial security gates can be a great solution. Without automatic security gates, commercial enterprises may be subject to unwanted entry, which can create any number of problems. There are a number of other reasons why security gates are desirable for a business.

Reasons for Commercial Driveway Gates

When deciding on commercial security gates, consider the following benefits:

  • Securing Your Facility: The primary reason for industrial security gates is to secure your facility. Warehouse security gates are especially important to protect vulnerable inventory, but any business with property to protect can benefit from security gates. Commercial operations without security gates allow anyone to drive up to the property, meaning it is much easier not only for thieves to make off with your goods, office supplies, furniture or other property, but for vandals to destroy your property and/or steal company information. While commercial security driveway gates cannot prevent all these things from happening, they are a critical part of a complete commercial security system.
  • Controlling Access: There may be times you need certain individuals to be on the grounds of your facility and times you would prefer to know they are not there. Security gates for businesses allow you to maintain close control over the flow of traffic to and from your property so you know exactly who is in your building at all times.
  • Professionalism: Security gates for your business show a level of professionalism to potential partners and customers that can lead to increased profits. When outsiders see you have made the effort to protect your property with commercial security gates, they know you value your company and see a signal that they should, too. Business partners feel more comfortable dealing with you knowing that safety is a priority.

Liftmaster Commercial Gate Operators 

We are proud to be an official distributor and installer of Liftmaster Commercial Gate Operators. Features include battery backup and security remote controls with interference eliminating technology to provide quick and safe access at all times. In addition to Commercial and Industrial Applications, these gates are also designed for the following applications:

  • Gated Communities and Apartment Complexes – These systems are designed to keep your community secure while allowing easy traffic flow, and incorporate flexible visitor management systems. 
  • Maximum Security Locations – Gate operators and access control products ideal for government facilities, military bases or secure corporate facilities. 
  • Parking and Traffic Management – Designed for high-traffic locations, this solution maximizes movement and manages costs associated with parking lots and garages.

Continental Door Company for Commercial Security Gate Installation

If you have a business in the greater Spokane, WA or surrounding area and need a proven company to install your commercial security gates, contact Continental Door Company today. Continental Door Company has years of experience installing secure, reliable automatic gates for both businesses and residential use and can have your commercial automated security gates up and running right away. We also specialize in automating current non-motorized gates. To get started, request a free estimate today.

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