Operable Walls

Moderco Operable Partitions and Moveable Walls

Businesses and organizations of all kinds rely on the flexibility of operable walls to move their work forward on a daily basis. At Continental Door we offer Moderco operable partitions that help achieve this desired flexibility and functionality. A large hall can quickly become a series of meeting rooms, and with interior partition systems, you can achieve the privacy and sound control you demand.
The Moderco 700 series offers both pleasing aesthetics and advanced technology. You can count on these operable walls to deliver years of performance in tough environments. They use a unique welded steel frame and a unitized panel to deliver on the promise of durability. Specific features include:
  • Panel and door framing systems that use welding lasers for precision cuts.
  • Door hardware that complies with ADA push-pull requirements.
  • Durability that results from aluminum reinforced trim and edges.
  • Dependable seals that use face activation and downward force.
  • Available upgrades that include panic bar hardware, concealed automatic closer, inset exit signs and more.
Installation of operable partitions and moveable walls is available throughout the region, from the Northern Idaho Panhandle to Seattle — and all communities in between.
These products are invaluable in mixed-use conference centers and other facilities, and you need an experienced installer and services provider to ensure you maximize value in your investment.

Why Continental Door? 

For more than 10 years, Continental Door has faithfully served home and business owners throughout the Pacific Northwest, offering a huge selection of residential and commercial garage doors and accessories — Moderco operable walls included. When you need Moderco interior partition systems and operable walls, get in touch with us at Continental Door.
Contact us today about your Moderco operable partition needs.