How to Manually Open A Garage Door

How to Manually Open A Garage Door Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone had to open and close their garage doors by hand, getting out of the car, unlocking the garage, lifting the door, driving in and then closing it behind you. These days, most garage doors are automatically operated, enabling the driver to easily open and close the door by remote control. What happens if the power goes out? How do you open a garage door without power? What if you lose the remote? What if your garage door opener is broken? Do you know […]

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How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door

How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door Is there anything more irritating than a noisy garage door? The loud whirring, rumbling and rattling of a garage door every time it goes up or down — it makes you feel like something is very wrong even if it isn’t and alerts everyone in the house, also possibly all the neighbors, that you’re coming or going. While it’s probably not realistic to expect that your garage door will glide noiselessly up and down every time you use it, or even that you’ll have it purring like a kitten, it shouldn’t be unbearably […]

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What To Do if I Lose My Garage Door Opener Remote?

What To Do if I Lose My Garage Door Opener Remote? There are few things as convenient as a garage door opener. It makes getting in and out of your home convenient and safer – not to mention staying dry in rainy weather. What happens though if you misplace or lose it? How do you make sure that no one else can use it to gain entry to your home? Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener Remote Is Really Missing It’s highly likely that your garage door opener remote is simply misplaced. Check all the places where it could be, […]

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An Introduction to Garage Door Sizes

There are a lot of reasons to get a garage. Garages protect your car from the elements while also keeping it safe from thieves. They provide your home with extra storage or room for recreational vehicles. They make it easier to unload groceries after a long day at work. And they increase the value of your home. No wonder then that the National Association of Home Builders reports that 61.9% of homes built in 2014 included a two-car garage. Another 23.5% were built with a three-car garage or larger, a significant increase over the 19% found in new homes built […]

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Why Insulate a Garage

Why Insulate a Garage While many people understand the importance of a high-functioning, aesthetically appealing garage door, few think about the garage door insulation. There are many reasons to make sure your garage is better insulated, but one of the most important is energy savings. Using Your Garage as a Workspace Not everyone heats their garage, but there are certain situations where it might be necessary. For example, if part of your garage doubles as a workspace, having heat in the garage is vital so you can continue working even in the cold. Garage Storage The garage often is used […]

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What Are Garage Doors Made Of?

What Are Garage Doors Made Of? Your garage door is an important part of your home. It protects your house from the outside world and it’s part of your home’s overall exterior look, meaning it’s a big factor when it comes to curb appeal. As important as the function and appeal of your garage door is, you may not give much thought to what it’s actually made of. But that can be an important factor, too. What is yours made of and is it the right material for your lifestyle? To learn more about the different types of garage doors […]

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1.5-Car Garage Size and Benefits

Are you looking for a little extra storage space in your home? Do you find yourself squeezing out the door to get into your house after you’ve parked in the garage? You may want to consider a 1.5-car garage. Also known as an oversized one-car garage, the 1 ½-car garage can be a lifesaver for those families that need a bit of extra space in the garage. Read on to learn about the oversized one-car garage and what it can do for you. What Size is a 1.5-Car Garage? As the name would imply, a 1.5-car garage is a garage […]

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Should You Repair or Replace a Garage Door?

Homeowners like you are understandably concerned about the value of their home. You have invested significant amounts of money, time and labor into transforming a house into your perfect sanctuary.  At the same time, you also want a home you don’t have to be constantly worrying about. You want to save money on utilities while also ensuring your home is safe and secure. You’d be surprised at how important a garage door is when considering these issues. A garage door is an essential part of your home’s curb appeal, and its insulation is one of the most important barriers against […]

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A Successful Launch and a Happy Hello

Welcome to Continental Door’s new blog! We are proud to announce and show off this brand new, freshly launched website! Stopping in and taking a moment to read our new blog posts, going up every other week, will help you stay up to date on all things Continental: special discounts and promotions, featured projects, garage door ownership tutorials, special office updates, company announcements, new industry information, and more. To ensure you never miss a beat, subscribe to our mailing list in the above right corner of this page. We take your privacy seriously and will never sell your information or […]

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