Before and After: Garage Door Transformations

Is it time to replace or upgrade your garage door? The look of your garage door before and after an upgrade can make a world of difference.

  • Style: Styles change, and your garage door can change along with them. If you’ve been looking at the same garage door for ten years and it feels boring and dated, a brand-new door can give your garage and your whole home a lift.
  • Design: Perhaps you’re attracted to a garage door with windows. Maybe you want to move the hardware around. There are some amazing new garage door designs for you to consider, and if you’ve been living with the garage door that came with your home, now is the opportunity to trade it in for a design you really love.
  • Wear: It may simply be time for a new garage door. If your garage door is over ten years old and/or been subjected to extreme temperatures and general wear and tear from constantly opening and closing, your door probably shows it. Replacing it can mean less repairs in the long run, as well as an improved look.
  • Increased Value: A new garage door improves curb appeal and can increase your property’s value. In many cases, it can increase the value enough that the new garage door installation essentially pays for itself!

The right garage door can change the appearance of your entire home. If your garage is in the greater Spokane, WA or surrounding area, get in touch with Continental Door Company. We can help you find a garage door that fits with the overall style of your home, giving your entire property a new, upgraded look without the cost of a whole home renovation.

Check out our garage before and after photos to see how some of our homes and garages look before and after garage doors have been upgraded or newly installed.