Meet the Commercial Team


Norm Morse

Chief Estimator


Norm, Mr. Old School, Morse has been rolling the dice on large commercial bids for a long time. He is about the only one left who hand writes out each and every bid by hand. Yes, they may be hard to read, but they usually have one of the sharpest numbers in the game.



Marc Morse

Commercial Foreman


Marc, the Red Headed Flash, Morse heads up this elite team of Commercial Door Commandos. Whether in the office, at the jobsite, or on the road, this “speed demon” is always on point and ready for action.


Tina Addington

Project Coordinator


Tina, the Superwoman Door Chick, Addington is known far and wide as Continental’s leading source on all commercial door things. From architects to project managers, and everyone in between, Superwoman delivers a knock out punch!


Chris Jorgensen

Commercial Installer


Chris, Superman, Jorgensen is Continental’s top gun commercial installer. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, the bigger the door, the better with Superman! Just count it as done!


Fletcher McGee

Commercial Installer


Fletcher, the Astronaut, McGee left a promising career as a rocket scientist at NASA to move to Spokane. With his feet firmly on the ground here, he is still reaching for the stars at Continental.



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