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Door Products and Services for Warehouses

No matter what type of warehouse you own or work for, you probably know that garage doors and similar equipment are crucial to your overall production. At Continental Door, we install, repair and replace countless units for distribution centers to keep them safe, secure and running smoothly day in and day out. Our preventative maintenance services also minimize wear and tear. We’ve been serving the eastern Washington and northern Idaho region for more than 10 years, satisfying leading warehouses in the area the entire time.

Visit our showroom to view some of our leading warehouse products for yourself:

  • Clopay® commercial garage doors: You know you’ll have constant traffic at your warehouse that will probably create a lot of stress for your garage door. The Clopay® line of industrial doors is highly durable and able to withstand heavy use. In our inventory, you can choose from a number of doors with different specifications.
  • Roll-up garage doors for warehouses: For this type of door, we sell options for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications in an endless variety of colors. These doors are guided vertically by roll formed guides. They’re an ideal choice for warehouses and storage facilities.
  • Dock equipment for warehouses: The different dock equipment in our inventory like vehicle restraints, mechanical levelers and dock seals keep the vehicles and other components in your warehouse locked down when you need them to be, increasing safety for everybody in the work area as well as the structure itself. You’ll be able to choose whether you need hydraulics or other specific features by shopping with Continental Door.
  • Commercial security gates: Great for parking and traffic management, access control and other day-to-day applications, our security gates also lend an air of professionalism to your facility by showing an additional layer of security.
  • Coiling doors for businesses: With an attractive appearance that works for almost any structure, these sturdy doors open and close smoothly along a vertical path to allow ease of access when you aren’t using the doors for security purposes.

The Advantages of Continental Door

We don’t just install a piece of equipment and then leave you to fend for yourself. In fact, even if something unexpected goes wrong with your equipment from any brand, whether we installed it initially or not, we can lend 24/7 emergency services. Call us at 509-921-2260, and we’ll send an expert technician right away to diagnose the problem, give advice and implement a solution. If you need to know how much an installation or repair will cost, request a free estimate, and we’ll get an accurate quote to you as quickly as possible.

At Continental Door, we place exceptional customer service at the top of our priorities, and we think you’ll notice. If you own a warehouse in eastern Washington or northern Idaho and you need a product in our inventory, contact us right away.

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