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Even small schools usually have several moving components that maintain security and help large groups of people move from one part of the school to the other seamlessly. At Continental Door, we have been offering quick, quality products and services to schools throughout eastern Washington and northern Idaho for more than 10 years. We know how important it is to safety and functionality for schools to have cutting-edge technology, and we trust once you check out our products and services that you’ll choose Continental Door for your school building.

The following are just a few of the most popular items in our inventory for schools:

  • Side folding doors for schools: We offer a number of different side folding doors and grilles that you can lock in place to secure any area of the school you need to keep sectioned off from students or faculty until a certain time. Their roller systems allow for easy opening. These are used throughout countless schools for administrative offices, cafeterias, gymnasiums and more.
  • Operable walls for schools: Operable walls can make one large section of a building into several smaller rooms for meetings, classes or any other school application. They close and lock into place, and they slide open easily once you want to use the larger space for gatherings of larger groups.
  • Automated security gates for schools: Nobody would disagree that we need to keep schools as safe as possible. Not only do our automated security gates lock down the facility and control access so only certain people can get in, but they also have a professional appearance that lets students, teachers and faculty know they’re in a safe environment during school hours.
  • Coiling doors for schools: For interior and exterior applications, these doors can be custom-made to meet any specifications. They provide security while closed, and their easy vertical opening allows quick access to the area behind the door when necessary. Expect an appealing, safe appearance that looks attractive with any building design.
  • Garage door operators: Both Linear and LiftMaster manufacture garage door operators that lead the industry, and we sell these products to make sure you’re getting the best quality and long-term functional lifetime out of your equipment as possible. Schools with garage doors for buses and other purposes need operators that can handle heavy doors and come with a variety of useful features.

Choose Continental Door

We’re proud of our selection of top-of-the-line products from leading brands on the market like Clopay® and others, but what we have to offer doesn’t stop there. We also perform preventative maintenance on garage doors as well as repairs and replacements when needed to keep your equipment running smoothly. Other benefits of choosing Continental Door include:

If your school is in Washington or Idaho and you need new equipment installation, repairs, replacements or maintenance, contact us today.

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